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Our company specialises in packing and transporting works of art and other collection items. We also provide our clients with all other services related to the transportation of exhibitions and loans. We work with leading companies operating in fine art shipping around the world.

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Forgeries? Forgeries!

202119lisCelý den202201kvěForgeries? Forgeries!

Detaily výstavy

How can we tell originals from fakes? Imitations of outstanding works of art are still made today and pose a threat to museums and galleries alike, as they do for private collectors. The exhibition Forgeries? Forgeries! mounted in Sternberg Palace on Hradčanské náměstí square will show imitations of medieval paintings, sculptures and drawings. It will present forgeries executed in the style of the Dutch Old Masters of the 17th century, as well as fake works allegedly by prominent Czech painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, there will be objects imitating non-European works of art, such as Oriental carpets and arts-and-crafts objects. Works on paper will also be displayed. The exhibition will include a number of iconic vases from foreign collections that brought worldwide fame to their creators and it will acquaint visitors with forgeries that are in the National Gallery’s holdings. Attention will also be devoted to famous masters’ signatures on paintings, which are no proof whatsoever that the artists had actually painted them.



19. listopad 2021 (pátek) - 1. květen 2022 (neděle) (Celý den)(GMT-11:00)


National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace

Dukelských Hrdinů 47, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

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