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Our company specialises in packing and transporting works of art and other collection items. We also provide our clients with all other services related to the transportation of exhibitions and loans. We work with leading companies operating in fine art shipping around the world.

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Phone: (+420) 224 301 092 - 6
Fax: (+420) 224 301 091
Address: Dukelských hrdinů 47, 170 00 Prague 7

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(+420) 224 301 092 - 6
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Our crates ensure a perfect preservation of works of art

Based on consultation with the client and according to the individual needs of the particular artwork and the shipping circumstances, we recommend a suitable type of crate and means of packing.

According to the dimensions of the work of art and the client’s requirements, we manufacture standard or climate-controlled crates.

We also produce special crates providing protection against climate changes and reducing negative shipping effects. We also offer crates equipped with humidity stabilisers for the transportation of particularly sensitive works of art.

The system of rental crates is an optimal solution for most transportation needs. In addition, it is environment-friendly.

We also offer several more economic alternatives to shipping crates.

Special crates

  • floating crates,
  • crates with vibration absorbers,
  • disassemblable object crates,
  • slotted graphic-art crates,
  • transportation frames,
  • crates for oversize and particularly heavy exhibits,
  • safety and evacuation crates,
  • cardboard crates,
  • transport cages,
  • pallet pedestals,
  • hand luggage.

Standardised dims

  • standard or climate-controlled mobile aluminium art containers

Cardboard packages

  • removal cardboard boxes,
  • made-to-measure cardboard boxes for paintings and objects.

Soft packing materials.

  • packing in bubble wrap, conservation film, textiles, stretch film, tissue paper,
  • protection of edges using cardboard or foam corners.
Packing and handling
Our employees are qualified specialists with long experience

We are equipped with handling, liftingand crane equipment for the safe loading, unloading and installation of exhibits.

Our employees are qualified specialists with long experience. They are regularly trained and attend special workshops in Czech Republic and other countries.

When developing and innovating packing technologies, we cooperate with restorers and curators of Czech and international museums and galleries. We use the most up-to-date materials tested for museum use.

Manipulation equipment

  • moving platforms,
  • cages,
  • supporting frames,
  • ramps

Lifting equipment

  • hand pallet and fork-lift trucks,
  • motor and electro fork-lift trucks for outside and inside use with a maximum load of up to 1000 kg and the ability to lift up to 330 cm

Crane equipment

  • gantry crane – inside and outside use, payload 1.5 t, crane span 600 cm, lift up to 430 cm
Road transportation
Our own vehicles that are specially designed for art shipping according to international standards

We use our own vehicles that are specially designed for art shipping according to international standards.

Our trucks are equipped with isothermal bodies, air-conditioning, air-ride suspension, liftgates, alarm security systems, circuit-breakers, large cabins allowing couriers on board, GSM phones and navigation systems.

Vehicle monitoring allows us to check the position of the vehicle at any time.

In case of long distance transportation, we are able to arrange the overnight parking of trucks in secured premises.

We can arrange security escort during the trucking.

Thanks to the frequency of our domestic shipments and connection to an international network, we are also able to provide a low-cost solution to transport needs by offering part-loads or consolidated trucking.

Our fleet

Our fleet allows us to meet a wide range of trucking needs:

  • loading height of the body up to 315 cm
  • loading length of the body up to 755 cm
  • volume of the trucking unit up to  99 m3
  • payload of the trucking unit up to  12 t
  • payload of the liftgate up to 3 t
  • transport of up to 4 couriers in a vehicle
Air transportation
We provide complete service including supervision

We provide air transportation to all destinations on the basis of close cooperation with reliable airlines.

We ensure continuous supervision during palletisation and loading at the airport of departure as well as at the airport of arrival and, if required, we can organise safe storage.

If the shipment dimensions do not allow us to use a direct flight, we deliver our shipments to major European airports that cargo planes fly from.  In such a case we can also provide full service, including supervision at the respective airport.

We transport particularly valuable and small-size shipments as hand luggage; this service includes transport of the courier to the airport, priority clearance of the package, check-in of the courier and escort to the airplane separately to other passengers.

We provide transit custom clearance for all shipments by air.

Courier services
We provide complete courier services

We provide couriers accompanying shipments with air and train tickets, accommodation in the Czech Republic and other countries, payment of per-diems and other required services.

Couriers with hand luggage are picked up directly at the plane; the item is cleared in transit and then delivered to its final destination.

Car transportation to and from the hotel is provided for couriers accompanying the shipment.

We offer first-rate insurance for a good price

We offer art insurance against all risks and nail-to-nail, in other words the whole time the work is away from its permanent storage site. According to the clients’ wishes we also insure the exhibits for the duration of the transport or for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Thanks to a large volume of annual contracted insurance and a high rating by insurance companies, we can offer first-rate insurance for a good price.

Customs clearance
We clear our fine art shipments at the place of loading and the place of delivery

We clear our fine art shipments at the place of loading and the place of delivery.

We provide transit custom clearance and guarantees for customs bonds.

Custom clearance in countries outside the Czech Republic is organised in cooperation with our experienced and specialised partners.

According to customer requirements we can ensure the exportation licence and CITES agenda.

Other services
We provide documentation that will make your installations nad re-packing easier

We prepare crate and packing lists for our outgoing shipments to ensure easy unpacking and installation as well as smooth re-packing once the exhibition is finished.

In case of demanding and complicated exhibits, we provide additional documentation and handling recommendations.

We are able to arrange a condition-report by a specialised art conservator.

We make digital documentation of artworks and collection items.

We provide consultancy during the administration of exhibitions and loans.

We draft budgets for exhibition projects.

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